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Toilet Seat Covers, Disposable Extra Large Full Cover Potty Seat Covers for Kids Potty Training with 20 Pack Individually Wrapped Portable Toilet Seat Cover for Travel, Adults, Home use (Elephant)

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★ Updated Sticker Location ★ - Do you experience that the bottom sticker is hard to peal off and stick to the toilet when sitting on the toilet for a long time, and you have to use your hands to tear it off from public toilet? That is why we updated the anti-slip sticker location of our disposable toilet seat covers ★ Suitable for Most Types of Toilets ★ - Unique design, the size of this disposable toilet covers is 27*27 inches. Regardless of the toilet in your home or hotel is O type/U type/C type/Square type. This disposable potty seat covers can be perfect Suitable for a variety of toilets. No need to worry about toilet type ★ Large Size for Full Cover ★ - This disposable travel toilet is large enough to cover the sides and front of all toilets. It can protect against bacteria for maximum protection. Keep your hands and feet away from the touch toilet. Keep kids and adults' skin and cloth away from public toilets ★ Waterproof & Comfortable ★ - This toilet seat covers disposable is made of 2 layers soft waterproof material, Not easy to tear easily and no liquid soaking through. So you will not feel any dampness from the wet toilet. Better than the toilet tissue. These potty protectors are the best buttock barriers that helps prevent cross-infection and get rid of many trouble to wipe or squat in public toilets ★ 20 Pcs Individually Wrapped for On the Go ★ - For the convenience of travel, each piece of our 20 pieces portable toilet seat cover is individually wrapped. this disposable potty seat covers folds small to carry in pockets, purses, bags and diaper bags. Suitable for use on the go

Our Disposable Toilet Covers were developed to give maximum protection with easy portability. They are waterproof to prevent any liquids from coming in contact with your skin. And have stickers to prevent the potty cover from moving around under wiggly butts. Large size for full cover the entire area, this disposable toilet covers is 27*27 inches. It suitable for many types of toilets. With individually wrapped, perfect for on the go.

1.XXXL Size Fits All Toilets

This toilet seat covers is extra-large size in 27 x 27 inches that can cover sides and front of all toilets. So it will not touch the toilet seat.

2.Suitable for Kids and Adults toilet covers

Not only disposable toilet seat covers for kids, but also for adults, like elderly, pregnant woman and so on whom don't want to facing the dirty public toilet.

3.Update Sticker Ways

It prevent the disposable travel potty seat from moving around under wiggly butts. And this sticker can easy torn off after you sit on the toilet for a long time.

4.Waterproof & Soft

This disposable potty seat covers for toddlers made from a soft non-woven fabric and coated with a waterproof layer for good hygiene and waterproofing so you will not feel any dampness from the wet toilet.

5.20 Pcs Individually Wrapped

This disposable toddlers potty cover folds small to fit in purse, pockets, diaper bag. Enjoy your trips with your kids without having to carry a travel potty with you.

6.Funny Little Flying Elephant Printing

This disposable toilet seat covers extra large has a cute little flying elephant design, you and your kids will definitely like it.


Package:Individual wrapped Material:Soft fabric & waterproof liner

Pattern:Cute little flying elephant

Size:27*27 inches

Package included:

1 x 20 packs

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